These are a few of her favorite things: color, typography, patterns, animals, community, laughing, working out, plants, sci-fi in a hammock and happy clients.

Our studio practices Conscious Capitalism. We know that prioritizing our ethics, integrity, respect and responsibility elevates all life while increasing profits. We’ve proved it.

If you want to know how, give us a call: 512-791-5261. In the meantime, here's some backstory. At age 10, when Jennifer Braham (Brink Creative’s principal) was asked what she wanted to be when she grew up, her response was “something that combines art and business”. She discovered the perfect combo in Graphic Design while working as an Editorial Assistant at Communication Arts magazine, where her creative passions were illuminated, integrated and ignited.

For over 25 years, Jennifer has inspired, engaged and pioneered through her design. She launched her career in San Francisco, with her clientele  ranging from eccentric artists to established technology companies. Wanting a fresh perspective and the opportunity to help steer a dynamic city, she moved to Austin in 1998, where she dove into the potent blend of industry and artistry with the emerging and the established.


Thankful for the opportunities to continually work with innovators in a span of industries, Jennifer is proficient in creating powerful identities, websites, campaigns, and a wide range of stunning visuals. This inspiring body of work is the result of: collaboration with clients & vendors; a commitment to the distillation design process; many full sketch books; and her ability to dive in deep.  Are you ready? Let's go!


Graphic Design | Austin Texas